​Provincial Government of Gipuzkoa

Departments - Environment and Water Supply

Time to get working!

  1. You have probably been working on the Agenda 21 project in your town and in your school. As you know, this programme proposes activities aimed at improving the environment. Does the Provincial Government subsidize such activities? Is there any kind of prioritization used for financing Agenda 21 activities?
  2. Your local town council is promoting energy savings and efficiency and want to change all the light bulbs in the street lights. They also want to install a new type of lighting that uses solar energy and will be installing photovoltaic panels in several sites. Can the town hall request aid from the provincial government for this programme? What kind of aid?
  3. In your town, people interested in preserving the environment have created an association, "Naturzaleak", which organises courses, awareness-raising campaigns, river-clean-ups, etc. They need information on any aid that might be available from the provincial government for such activities. How could you help? What advice would you give them?