Basque Government

Organization of income and expenditures of money

Time to get working!

Analyse the budgets page and answer the following questions:

  1. How much money was raised by each tax?
  2. Draw up a list of taxes, with the amounts collected, in descending order from the tax that raised most money to the one that raised least.
  3. Of the revenue from the different taxes in the territories of Araba, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa, how much goes to the Basque Government?
  4. Apart from the money obtained from tax revenue, where does the Basque Government get the funding it needs to offer its services?
  5. Which department did the Basque Government spend most money on in 2015? How much?
  6. Which department came second?
  7. How much will be spent on education?
  8. List the other departments in descending order of money received.
  9. How much will the Basque Government spend in total this year?
  10. Ander's gross annual income is €17,540. Calculate how much his contribution to each department came to.
  11. Ikerne's gross annual income is €24,670. Calculate her overall contribution and the allocation of her contribution to each department.
  12. Now do the same for each of the following cases:
Income €17,000 €38,000 €53,000 €74,000